Monday, February 1, 2010

Why Martha? WHY?

Let me start by saying that I loved Martha's  Ruffle Tower CakeJust look at it.
Inspired by ruffled tap pants AND pink...what genius came up with this?
To me it is true baking beauty and I would bake it - oh yeah, it became my mission. HOWEVER my hopes and dreams were smashed into a million pieces, (like when you spill those candy sprinkles out of their container), when I tried making the frosting. The instructions look oh so easy but have you ever tried making Swiss Meringue Buttercream? Don't. 2 cups of butter and 6 egg whites later I was whipping away so anxiously waiting to start piping.

It never happened my friends because I didn't get beautiful creamy buttercream, I got a bowl of wet curdled disaster! It was like I'd poured orange juice in with eggs and tinted it pink. How was I going to frost my friends cake with this? I cried harder then I remember crying before. At this time I looked at the recipe I printed from her website and I thought, "I hate you Martha". Yeah I said it. How dare she let me waste all those ingredients AND have to use a chocolate glaze for a three tiered cake!